FAQ’s/Frequently asked questions!!!

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Where all of your burning questions will be addressed. If YOUR question isn’t listed here…please email us!

Here you will find answers to a majority of questions we’ve received over the years.

Question: Can we bring oour dog?

Did we say NO dogs? Please be kind to our four legged friends and leave them HOME! An event with 1000’s of people AND FOOD is no place for dogs.
IF you are silly enough to disregard this statement, you will be asked to leave.
ONLY service dogs are allowed.
No if’s and’s or butts.

Question: “How much does it cost to get in?”

Reply: $7 and 2 canned goods or $8 without canned goods. This is subject to change.

Question: “Will I be able to taste all of the chili’s?”

Reply:  There are 2 very separate contests at the 32nd annual NERCC. You will be able to taste as much people’s Choice chili as possible. A chili cook may even offer you their competition chili that our judges will be judging after they turn it in to the judges.

Question: “How much is parking?”
Reply: For YOU……..parking is free. How can you beat that?

Question:How can I sign up to cook chili?”http://www.chilicookoff.com/Event/Event_Display.asp?EventID=3789

Reply: If you’d like to participate in the hotly contested NERCC People’s Choice Chili contest, please contact our office and we will gladly explain how YOU too can cook competition red chili, chile verde and salsa.  madmike@chilict.com.

Question: “Is there entertainment?”

Reply: There will be clowns, magician’s, jugglers, fire eaters, great music, BBQ and yes…the best chili in the world!

Question: “Can I be a vendor?”
Reply: Yes, you too can be a vendor. Please contact our office (madmike@chilict.com) and I can explain how to do this. PLEASE don’t wait until the last minute as spaces fill up very quickly.
We can only take the first 35-40 vendors!


Question:“Is the chili hot?”

Reply: Welllllll…I don’t know as I haven’t tasted them…..chances are that there may be a hot one….just as there may be a sweet one….however, they will ALL be delicious!

Question: “Is there vegan or vegetarian chili?”

Reply: Usually not. But, you never know. Someone may surprise us.

Question: “Can we bring our trained goats to the NERCC?” (We were asked this…so please bear with us?)

Reply: No! No Goats! No animals are allowed except “service dogs”. NO ANIMALS!!!!!No goats please.NO DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!