Jim Heywood Yute Division!


“Jim Heywood Yute Division”
Welcome to the world of cooking ICS competition chili!

The NERCC was FIRST International Chili Society Cook Off to rename the Youth/Yute Division after Jim Heywood.

Jim was a long time ICS cook and Culinary Institute of America professor emeritus who passed away in 2012. He was a very fierce competitor and would help anyone anywhere. He was well known world wide for his ready wit and mischievous smile as well as his extensive culinary wisdom and knowledge.
He was an avid supporter of kids cooking chili. Jim would always make sure that the Yute division winner got a few extra bucks out of his pocket.

To honor Jim’s legacy and memory, we renamed our “Yute Division” after him 8 years ago.
To enter the very competitive “Jim Heywood Yute division” of cooking chili, you must be under 18. You can be any age. We’ve had “yutes” as young as 6 years old. You must supply everything you’ll need that day to cook ICS Comp chili. You will need a stove with a one lb propane tank, a chili pot,your meat and spices and everything else. Don’t worry, we have people very willing to help you!

Prizes include a swell trophy, a tent, some cash and a few more surprises.
EVERY Yute will get a special “Yute” t shirt!

You can do it!
Come and cook chili with the big boys and girls. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact madmike@www.chilict.com

I will be VERY happy to help you.

Just a few of the “Jim Heywood Yute Division” chili cooks!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKiera wins the 2013 Jim Heywood Yute division!!!!!!!!

Sanctioned by the International Chili Society

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