2012 New England Regional Chili Cook Off winners!

The 2012 TWO day International Chili Society sanctioned New England Regional Chili Cook Off’s are now in the International Chili Society record books.
This was the first time since the mid 90’s that there was a back to back cook off in New England.
We had cooks from all over the U.S. We also were honored to have quite a few past ICS champions and we crowned some new NERCC Champs as well. There are so many stories from a somewhat windy weekend.
On to the winners:
New England Regional Chili Cook Off #1
People’s Choice: Alison Sacciccio CT
Showmanship and best Booth:Cindy Lovell NY
3rd Wendy Hennesy NH
2nd Isaiah Frechette CT
1st Dave Schulman CT
Chili Verde:
3rd Jim Weller IL
2nd Jack Cowell CT
Rick LaFrance MA
Red Chili :
3rd Rick Sievering MD
2nd Scott E. Navaroli MA
1st Vicki Tankis MA
New England Regional Chili Cook Off #2
Winner of “Super Hero Sunday” Michael Merola CT
Booth and Showmanship: Dave Schulman CT
People’s Choice Ian McDaid CT
3rd Jonathon Everin NY
2nd Isaiah Frechette CT
1st Sarah Schiedel CT
Chili Verde:
3rd Georgia Weller IL
2nd Isaiah Frechette CT
1st Dave Ronge CT
Red Chili:
4th Scott E Navaroli MA
3rd Julie Netser IN
2nd Dave Ronge CT (Back after a 5 year stint in France)
1st ( a VERY happy) Isaiah Frechette (1st time at the WCCC)
I would be remiss if I didn’t thank a few people.
Steve and Audrey Falkowski for being Chief Judge and Score Keeper on Saturday. Wes Carlson for a great job on being Chief Judge on Sunday and Mary Alice Kropp for being Score Keeper on Sunday. Mary Ellen Weber, Mike and Mary Alice Kropp (on Saturday), Nick and Jo Loddo for their tireless efforts in the judging area all weekend and lastly my wonderful wife Kat for ALL of her help with everything for the past 3 days and more.
When I have the firm amounts of money raised, I will post them….early estimates are VERY good between sponsorships and the gates.
The 2012 TWO day New England Regional Chili Cook Off’s were a HUGE success.

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